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40 Day Journey in Prayer 2013 (Word Download)


All great works of God begin with the fervent prayers of His people. As God’s people call out to Him, they begin to see His wisdom.  As Paul Miller reminds us, the biblical term wisdom is not the same as the term guidance, “Guidance means that I am driving the car and asking God which way to go. Wisdom is richer, more personal.  I don’t just need help with my plans. I need help with my questions and even my own heart.”

Over the next 40 days, we have the opportunity to watch and wait upon the Lord to do more than we can ask or imagine.  That’s the best part of praying: watching and waiting upon God to work – not just hearing or studying about it.  It’s the difference between reading about a spectacular vista atop a mountain peak, and actually climbing the peak and having your breath taken away by the view you couldn’t have possibly imagined before you arrived. There is no greater joy than that breathless moment when you see and exclaim, “Oh! God! How awesome is your work!”

These daily devotionals feature Scripture for reflection and meditation followed by a suggested focus for prayer.  Some days will be focused “upward with our praises.”  Other days will be focused “outward with our witness, expressing the self-giving love of Christ both to each other and within our community.”  It is our prayer that God will use this tool to heighten our awareness and delight in the constancy of His presence throughout each day and to deepen our loving trust and dependence upon Him as we dwell in Him and on Him.

Spend as few or as many minutes each day in prayer as you choose.  You are not limited to the suggestions in this booklet.  They’re just a starting place.  But, do start.  Put yourself in a position where you have a front row seat to see what grand and glorious things God has in store for our community.  Let’s open the doors together!  Let’s unleash the power of God by daring to pray BIG!

As you read and meditate on the scripture and spend time in prayer, note ways in which you are seeing God’s wisdom coming to light.  There are pages at the end of this booklet for your notes.

~ Bob & Susie Hodge, Prayer Leaders