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Junior High Students

6:22 is here to partner with families in equipping the next generation to engage in and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

We are trying to create students who:

Know that their identity is in Christ. Live in Biblical purity Experience healthy relationships. Understand basic doctrine and Serve

6:22 meets Sunday nights, starting Jan 8.

Game time, Worship time, Teaching time, and Small group time

How we do it: 6:22 Curriculum By the time a student completes the six-year program (junior and senior high) of theUCC youth ministry, he or she will have studied: an overview of the entire Bible. Junior highers participate in the following planned events:

Revere: Worship on Sunday nights,
prayer breakfast

Respond: Sunday night talks, small groups

Receive: Retreats, Adopt a Highway

Relate: Small Group, events, prayer breakfast

Reach: Ice Camp, Lock-in

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