Nursery – for children birth through 2 years old

Our Nursery is staffed for Sunday Morning Services and Sunday School when we teach them that Jesus loves them, God created the whole, big, beautiful world and all the things in it, God listens when we pray and Noah obeyed God and built an Ark!  For most other church-wide events; evening services, holiday gatherings, etc., the nursery is available for parents to use if they want to stay in the room with their little one themselves. Parents are able to watch the program going on in the sanctuary on the monitor in the nursery during the event.

UCC is very blessed by a wonderful team of volunteers, youth and adults, who eagerly share their morning about once a month by serving the families at UCC so parents can worship and hear God’s Word knowing their child is safe and loved. Every individual who works with children at UCC will complete our Safe Place Training Requirements.

We would love for you to come by and visit us! The Nursery is located just past the mailboxes and down that center hallway. When you enter, you’ll be greeted and be able to check your child in at the counter. We have separate rooms available so we can be sure our pre-walkers and walkers have the space they need. As a part of our security system a unique number is given to each child, there are two number signs in the sanctuary for notification, and we ask for cell numbers to use when a parent will be elsewhere in the church.  We have parents/guardians designate who is allowed to pick up their child in addition to themselves such as older siblings or grandparents.

It is our goal to make every little one at UCC feel safe, loved and special! Thank you families for sharing your precious children with us and thank you volunteers for serving Him alongside us through this wonderful ministry!

Questions or concerns, contact Cheryl Ziegler, Nursery Coordinator at
or call the church office at 765-998-2746