COVID-19 response

Let us do good to everyone, especially those of the household of faith – Gal 6:10.


On March 16, our nation requested that we limit our gatherings to ten persons or less for 15 days in the hope that such voluntarily efforts would reduce the impact COVID-19 will have across our country. For UCC, this means that until further notice (State guidelines at this point say April 6th), we are re-designing how we “do church.” (As recommendations change, we will reconsider and update our plans).


Sunday Morning Worship – our service will be limited to Livestream video. You can connect to Livestream through the link on our website. If you need help, let us or another church member know. 


Sunday School – we will be offering classes at home for all ages through the Gospel Project. A weekly lesson plan will be made available through “Group Me”.  For those in the College and Career class, Pastor Dan Blosser has provided a link to recordings of his current series here. Further details will be forthcoming. 


Other UCC ministries, meetings, and gatherings – we ask all ministries and groups to honor the current limitations until new recommendations are offered. If you have questions about your specific ministry, continue to check our website ( or contact your ministry leader for further information.


Organized Outreach – the UCC Youth group has established a Google Form to better connect individuals in need of specific assistance (groceries, connecting to livestream, etc.) with those who can help.

Please fill out this form: If you have questions, contact Lauren Rush at 765-618-5144. 


As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are being uniquely challenged to permit the peace of God, which surpasses understanding, to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Such “guarding” takes place as we mediate on what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise. So, I invite you to allow Paul’s words to the Philippians to come alive – for every minute you spend either reading or watching news, invest equal or more time in reading and mediating on God’s word. In this way, the Spirit of Christ will work within each of us to still our hearts that we may know that God is God.     


Mark C. Biehl

Lead Pastor

Upland Community Church