Cheryl Ziegler
Office, SafePlace and Nursery Coordinator
What do you do?
I have been the Nursery Coordinator since 2009, the SafePlace Coordinator since mid 2016, and the Office Coordinator since the beginning of 2018.   

What do you love most about your job?

I am humbled and grateful to serve our church family. It’s a joy and privilege to be a part of our church staff who strives to love, honor, and glorify God faithfully seeking His will and direction for our church.   

A little bit about your background?

My husband Tim and I are 1992 Taylor grads and our daughter Katelynn is a 2019 Taylor grad!  I had a licensed home day care business when Katelynn was little then became the director of Child Care Center before moving to Upland in the fall of 2003.   
What are some of your favorites? 
My family, our kitties, babies, the ocean, hot tea and laughter.