Adult Christian Education
Welcome to the Adult Christian Education program here at UCC! We have several options from which to choose. The classes are set up on an elective basis, so feel free to go to the class that best serves your current needs. Each class has a different style, and a good mix of people of different ages and backgrounds. Wherever you go, you will find a warm group of people who are interested in growing in Christ. 
Discovery Class: Equipping Center Rooms 6 & 8 RESUMING IN SEPTEMBER
The Gospel Project: Currently Studying the Life of Christ (Equipping Center Rooms 1, 3, & 5) (9:30 am)
The Forum: Christian Citizenship: (Equipping Center Room 7) (9:30 am)
College & Career: Currently Studying Sin and Grace (Equipping Center Rooms 1,3, & 5) (11:00 am)