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Kindergarten-1st Grade
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15pm
Registration Night Sept. 22
First club on Sept. 29
Coloring Sheets:
Music Videos:
Fruit of the Spirit

This year we will be using the God’s Kids Grow curriculum. This 
curriculum will help the kids discover how the fruit of God’s Spirit grows in our lives. We’ll explore the ways our character displays God’s good fruit and learn about Christians throughout history whose lives demonstrated those character qualities.  As we explore the expressions of each fruit of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives, we’ll learn to cultivate attitudes that will lead us to know God better and become the fruitful people He designed us to be.   

Basics Jr. encourages children to:
Memorize God’s Word
Sing Praise Songs
Listen to Bible Stories
Play Games
We are currently hiring a Basics Jr. Coordinator.
In the meantime please contact: 
Katelyn Rodman, Basics Program Director