basicsjr green and blue
Kindergarten-1st Grade
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15pm
Basics and Basics Jr. Awards Night April 27th 
It’s time to celebrate all the work that our Basics and Basics Jr. kids have done this year. Families are invited to our Awards Night Party from 6:30-8pm. We will have a short program followed by dessert, games, and family fun. Be sure to come so your kids can pick up their Awards.  
Please Note: Basics Jr. has been extended 15 minutes so that Basics and Basics Jr. finish at the same time. Parents should pick up their kids at  8:15pm. 

Basics Jr. is a Wednesday night Bible club for kindergarten and 1st graders which uses the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum. We focus on explaining the “One Big Story” which is the main theme of the Bible: the story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue them. 

Through at-home memory verses, fun activities in large and small groups, and the stories within the award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible, your children will discover that Jesus loves them and that he is the Great Rescuer!  

Print your own copy of the Parent Handbook 2020-2021 for more detailed information. 
Additional Questions? Please contact: 
Katelyn Rodman
Basics Program Director