basics blue and orange

2nd-5th Grade
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15pm
Basics Reward Trips 
2nd-5th Graders must complete all verses (green pages) and Bible readings (yellow pages) in order to qualify for these reward trips. Contact Katelyn with any  questions.
2nd & 3rd Grade: 
Indianapolis Children’s Museum
April 30th from 8:00-4pm
4th & 5th Grade: 
Idyl Wyld and Crazy Pinz
May 7th from 11:30-7pm
The grades for both Basics and Basics Jr. have changed. Basics is for 2nd-5th graders and Basics Jr. is for K-1st graders. 6th graders have been promoted to our middle school ministry. 
Parents can register online or by texting the word ‘Basics’ to 765-998-2746.
Our purpose is to see Basics clubbers grounded in the basics of the Christian faith. We do this through large group and small group Bible studies, relationships with their college and high school student leaders, Bible memorization, and Scripture reading. This high energy club is a great chance for kids to begin studying theology and ask questions! 
Kids have the opportunity to earn awards and participate in special reward trips to places like the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and Crazy Pinz in Fort Wayne. Reward trips are earned by memorizing a weekly Bible verse and completing at-home Bible readings. Our small group Bible studies, written by a team from UCC, go along with the New City Catechism exploring the meaning of each doctrinal point in depth.
Print your own copy of the Parents Handbook 2021 for more in-depth information about Basics.
Check out the Calendar 2021/2022 to see what’s next.
For more information contact:
Katelyn Rodman
Basics Program Director