Safe Place Training

Thank you for choosing to serve with children and youth!  
Safe Place training is required for all volunteers who serve in children or youth ministries, as well as volunteers in organizations who regularly use our facilities.

NEW ADULT VOLUNTEERS (18 years and older)

Complete these steps before you start volunteering-
  1. Volunteer Information Form– Print or get a copy from the office.  Complete all pages and print clearly.   References cannot be your parents or relatives or related to each and need to have known you PERSONALLY for at  least 2 YEARS. 
  2. ATTACH A COPY of your ID – (driver’s license, passport, campus ID) to the Information Form.
  3. Watch the ONLINE SafePlace Training Video – just 20 minutes – notes available below.
  4. Complete the ONLINE Training Response Form and submit.


Complete these steps to update your SafePlace file every 5 years-  
  1. Volunteer Information UPDATE Form – Print or get a copy from the office.  Complete both sides and print clearly.
 2.  ATTACH A COPY of your current ID – (driver’s license, passport, campus ID) to the Information Form.
  1. Watch the ONLINE SafePlace Training Video – just 20  minutes – notes available below.
  2. Complete the ONLINE Training Response Form and submit.



Volunteers 17 years old and younger need to- 

  1. Read the Youth Training Information sheet with your parent/guardian.
  2. Print or get a copy of the Teen Volunteer form, read it with your parent/guardian, sign it together and turn it in to the church office or your ministry leader before you start volunteering.  
  3. In addition to 1 & 2, volunteers younger than 12 years old must volunteer with their SafePlace trained parent/guardian.



Questions?  Contact Alayna Rolling, Safe Place Coordinator, or call the church office 765-998-2746.