COVID-19 RESPONSE – Children’s Ministry Sunday Mornings

We want to care for our children’s spiritual needs while doing all we can to lower the risk of viral spread in our community by following CDC recommendations for wearing masks, limiting contact with people and paying careful attention to classroom environment. 

DISCLAIMER – Though we will make every effort to lower risk of viral transmission there is no way to make sure our programs and classrooms are completely safe. There is always the possibility of infection. Parents are encouraged to either worship on-site or worship at home based in their needs and situation. 

Covid Procedures May Include: (We follow Eastbrook School’s procedures and recommendations.)

1. Face coverings for volunteers and children 8 years and older. 

2.  Hand sanitize when entering the room 

3.  Outside activities when possible Supply box provided for each child and cleaned as needed each week
4.  Classroom set up with appropriate space between chairs and activities chosen to limit physical interaction 
5.  Assigned chairs during class time 
6.  Doors propped open where appropriate for ventilation 
7.  Jr. Church classrooms disinfected/sprayed between services 
8.  Use room 106 for isolation in case of illness 
9.  Children showing symptoms of fever may have their temperature taken with non- contact infrared thermometer 
10. Families will be notified if their child has been exposed to Covid-19 as per CDC protocols