Kelly Batic, Basics Jr. Director


What do you love most about your job?

Love the kids and college students! I enjoy being able to teach and mentor them as they hide God’s word in their hearts.  I am so privileged to watch the development of connections form between leaders and their kids and also between the kids themselves. This connection is so valuable to the children’s lives as they grow and learn about Jesus’ love for them. 

What do you do?

As Basics Junior Director, I work with a great team of college students in creating a Godly, educational curriculum that will enable the Preschoolers through 2nd Graders to learn more about the character and image of God.

A little bit about your background?

I was born in Ohio but spent most of my childhood in Washington state and later moved to Indiana. I began attending church and became a Christian during my high school years. I met my husband, Greg, in high school and we married in 1999. I worked many years as a medical assistant and then preschool teacher before I had children.

We have 5 children, Grace, Kyler, Chloe, Cassidey and Owen. Our family has been part of the Upland community since 2006, when our family moved here while Greg attended Taylor University for his teaching degree. It has been wonderful to raise our kids here, along with being involved in homeschooling, 4-H, local sports and children’s ministries. Our children have been part of Basics Jr, Basics, 6:22 and x-factor! I have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to serve in these ministries with our kids.

What are some of your personal favorites?

Books –  I love reading Christian fiction or historical fiction. But most of the time I am reading teacher guides, curriculum, or parenting books.

Movies – I enjoy watching comedies and historical movies. 

Things to do – I love being with my family, spending time outdoors, or cooking.