Cheryl Ziegler
Nursery Coordinator
What do you do?
I’m the Nursery Coordinator ~ since 2009.    


What do you love most about your job?

Cute, precious, innocent, curious, loveable, adorable little babies and toddlers!  I love to snuggle and comfort a little one who needs special attention.  Watching children explore their world, a new toy, sitting up, crawling, walking, first words – a lot happens during the few years we have together in the nursery!  The goal is for each child to feel safe and loved so they can enjoy and look forward to their time in the nursery each week.   
We also have our own Sunday School time with a lot of repetition, motions, simple songs, and a short lesson from the Gospel Project being taught throughout UCC – sometimes we even have a craft.  

A little bit about your background?

Tim and I, ’92 Taylor grads, recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!  Our daughter Katelynn is a ’19 Taylor grad! When Kate was itty bitty I had a licensed home day care, then we started to go to “work” together and I became the director at a local child care center until we moved to Upland in 2003.  When Kate was old enough, we began to volunteer together in the nursery and it was amazing to serve side-by-side together until she moved out on her own.  I highly recommend finding a way to serve in the church with your children!  
What are some of your favorite things? 
My amazing family and laughing together, the sound laughter in general! 
Our kitties, Kate’s puppy dog, fur babies of all kinds!
The four seasons – colorful autumn leaves and hearing them crunch as you take a walk, the first snowfall of winter and seeing snow sparkle, trees with blooming flowers in the spring, warm summer evenings and the smell, sound and rhythm of the ocean!