March 2019

Rom Fallen to Faith, part 2, Rom 10:8-13

From Fallen to Faith Part 1, Eph.2:1-10

From Death to Life: Redemption Accomplished Eph 1:3-10

Where is GOD? GOD is in His Judgment, Esther 8-10:3

February 2019

Where is GOD? In His Justice, Esther 7

Where is GOD? In (His) Providence Esther 6

Where is GOD? In Our Spiritual Boldness, Esther 5:1-14

Where is GOD? GOD is IN our Mourning, Esther 4

January 2019

Where is God? Not in Despair Esther 2:19-3:15

Where is GOD? Not in Conformity, Esther 2:1-18