Now that you have found Upland Community Church, you may have a few questions.


You may park any place that is open; however, we have a few suggestions.

  • Visitor parking spots are located at the bottom of the hill to your right and are marked with a sign.
  • Parking spots for those with physical challenges are located on the west side of the church along the sidewalk
  • During the winter we recommend that you park on the concrete rather than the blacktop portion of the lot.  We try to keep the ice at a minimum, but it does sometimes occur.
  • Valet parking is available during the winter months, but if you need assistance any time, just pull up to the west-side door and ask a greeter for help.
  • Feel free to drive under the carport to drop off passengers.  Just follow the arrows around the parking lot.

What door should I enter?

You may enter any door you choose, but we recommend entering on the west side.  From that entrance it will be easy to access the Welcome UCC ChurchCenter, the sanctuary and children’s registration.

Facility Map




GreeterWhat happens next?

You will be greeted with a warm handshake when you enter.  Please tell the  greeter you are a guest so that they can give you some guidance in where to go.



The Welcome Center is almost the first thing you will see after entering.  Stop here for assistance in finding the sanctuary, nursery or classrooms.