Youth Group:
-Link to the YouTube Messages: here
-Small groups will be meeting through a group chat or video chat service, as organized by their small group leaders
Sunday School
-Gospel Project Sunday School Messages: here
Discipleship Groups
-Junior High: MAD meeting via Zoom, Mondays at 3 pm
-Contact Tom or Lauren for Link! 
-Senior High: Coffee and Jesus via Zoom, Thursdays at 3 pm
-Contact Tom or Lauren for Link!
-Goal Sheets: coming in the mail! If you didn’t get one, but would like one, contact Tom or Lauren.
-Devo Booklets: Between 3-6 devo booklets were delivered in your q-packs! If you need more or didn’t receive a q-pack, contact Tom or Lauren.
-Board Games: If you would like to borrow a board game from the youth group, we will deliver it to you (in Upland only)! 
 Senior High
jr high
Junior High
Trips and Events